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Today a shift in people is seen towards real estate property buying in Berlin. Berlin is one of the most appealing real estate markets in Europe. Whether you are searching for a protected place for an investment, or are considering a relocating with your family, Germany’s capital city Berlin has a great deal to offer. Berlin has turn into Germany’s second most prominent elevated structure city. Nearby and national, also universal development firms and financial specialists are out and out captivated by Berlin’s complex charms. As a result of which foreign investors have an eye on the Berlin real estate market.


The reason why people are trying to invest and Buy Property Berlin in the real estate market is Berlin property prices are far better and well priced.  The tax regulations are very much concise which when you are purchasing a property in Berlin, the tax regulations might be considered. Rental salary from property is taxed in Germany at the income tax rate. For individuals living in Germany, the salary that surpasses the basic tax free amount of 8004 Euros (2011) for unmarried individuals and 16,008 Euros for wedded couples is saddled at a wage expense rate somewhere around 15% and 42%. If there should be an occurrence of a pay over 250,001 (mutually taxed wedded couples: 500,000 Euros), the duty tax rate is 45%. Furthermore, the solidarity extra charge of 5.5% likewise must be paid on the evaluated income tax.

Once you had Buy Property Berlin the annual income of property is subject to be deducted by various costs. Such as financing costs, these fundamentally incorporate the obligation intrigue that you need to pay for the acquired capital subsequent to buying a townhouse, private and business constructing in Berlin or taking after real remodel work. Apart from financing costs the other two costs are maintenance cost and renovation cost. Running cost such as water supply, electricity, annual property tax and building insurance are also deducted from the annual income of the property.


This annual property tax change variably from location to location. Say for an 80 Sq mtr flat in Berlin, for instance, you need to pay around 240 Euros every year. Property tax can be distributed as month to month working expenses to the inhabitants of the Berlin condo. Likewise, with the interest rates remains low over the Euro zone, a country that generally spares a tenth of its pay has needed to figure out how to look somewhere else to stop its investment funds.  With the economy still shaky in Europe, German property has started to look more secure than any time in recent years. Once invested in the real estate market of Berlin your property is safe and secure. It is safe as it gets older.

You will find that half of the foreign investors and buyers are from Britain, France, America and few Russians. This certainly proves that Berlin is one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investors in the real estate sector.