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Wealth growth is not achieved simply by buying and selling the first property you come across. It is the result of forethought, knowledge and wise investment strategies your Berlin real estate agent develops for you. Seek the right advice and strategies for Berlin property by Gate Berlin and you see a manifold increase in wealth and/or a steady stream of income from considered investments in realty.

The market is in a state of flux with fluid dynamics necessitating agile strategies for long term benefits. This means you must have an expert assist in finding the right property to buy in the right location in reference to your overall objective. Then there is the matter of identification and due diligence, technical, legal and economical assessment of property in the market. Identification and market knowledge is one thing; with so many buyers lined up, it is to your advantage to have an efficient realtor who can swing an attractive deal your way.

The investment strategy route would be related to taxation and the amount you are prepared to invest, again referenced to leveraging your equity. Let the Berlin realtor find suitable properties; decide on the best way to get external funding and then proceed by forming a non-commercial entity or a commercial entity to manage the transaction, each with its advantages depending on future transactions. In the most simplistic of terms investment strategies call for fine integration of various inter-related factors. Trust experts at Gate Berlin to define strategies by factoring in all these and help you achieve growth of your wealth far beyond your expectations.



Investment Strategies for Berlin Apartments for Sale by Gate Berlin



Investors in property are making a beeline for Berlin since prices of property are appreciating but purchase prices are still below the levels prevailing in other cities in Europe. This might tempt you to make investment decisions in haste and then repent. The fact is that even if it is a rising market and there is no sign of a bubble burst anytime in the near future, you must have a strategy in place if you wish significant growth in wealth. There is no set pattern or formula since market dynamics keep changing.

For instance, investing in classic old property in prime locations is considered as a prime investment strategy. However, investors need to consider the high cost of renovations, handling existing tenants, energy efficiency and risks before rushing in to buy old apartments. You would be better off buying new, energy-efficient Berlin apartments in the periphery, which are not only economically priced but are also beautifully designed and contemporaneous with high yield potential. Investment strategies for Berlin apartments for sale by Gate Berlin integrate these two into a plan that also takes into consideration taxation, your objectives and market trends as well as general economic climate. Gate Berlin experts plan on reducing tax burden in Germany as well as cross border tax incidence so that you, as the investor, get maximum yield. As a foreign investor, you can buy apartments as an individual or to follow the corporate route with the German realtor assisting in setting up a capital corporation, a partnership or an offshore based investment trust. When you really sit down to think of investment strategies, the options are many but the road is clear with Gate Berlin professionals taking charge of your portfolio, from identification to purchase; from asset management to apartments for sale and handling of subsequent processes. It is polished expertise you can be proud of as well as benefit from in the long run.


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One size does not fit all when it comes to developing investment strategies for investors with different objectives in mind. In any case, if you wish to take advantage of the rising property markets in Berlin, the best way to start is to get in touch with a local buyer advisory service such as Gate Berlin.

You receive sound guidance on state of property in various locations of Berlin, their historic values and future yields and advice on the best way you could go about getting maximum returns. One investment strategy is to leverage equity. You put up only 30% of the property value and the rest is arranged through bank loans arranged by experts. Yet another avenue is syndication as an investment strategy to buy property Berlin by Gate Berlin.

Syndication is a nice way to go for foreign investors in Berlin properties. Your local realtor combines equity from individual investors; uses the pool to leverage still more funding and then use the substantial resource to acquire large, high yielding asset or invest in development project. Your interests are secured through a tightly knit legal and tax structure designed to maximize wealth growth while minimizing personal risk and liability. The common route is to form a corporate company or limited liability partnership with each investor holding proportionate shares while Gate Berlin manages the whole operation. Think about syndication as a possible investment strategy and discuss it further. This opens up avenues that were simply beyond the horizon.


Professional, Comprehensive Assistance in Berlin Real Estate by Gate Berlin


If you chart property price trends in various locations of Berlin, the currently hot investment destination in Europe, you can interpret trends and make an informed choice as to the location where yields may be the highest.


Take Adlershof as an example. Prices have been showing huge dips and peaks since 2009 with a pronounced upswing from June 2012 onwards. Prices dipped sharply in or around January but rebounded to a peak in April. However, prices have not gone beyond the maximum of 2200. Interpretation is that it is not wise to invest since prices are high and unless there is a breakout, you may have to sit on the investment for quite some time.

The Biesdorf area pricing chart is somewhat more interesting in that after a low in middle of 2010, prices have been rising steadily and are still on the up with trend line indicating still higher pricing indicated by head and shoulders formation of last quarter of 2013. Inference is that investment here will yield a nice but not quantum returns.

In comparison, the chart for Mitte, the central area of Berlin, shows a peak breaching 11000 sometime around the last quarter of 2013 followed by a sharp dip to below the 4000 mark. This is tantalizing in that property is scarce in Mitte and investors may possibly have to sit it out before prices reach the 11000 mark. However, it is the prime area so simply going by the chart that shows a sharp downtrend and refraining from investing here may not be an absolutely smart thing to.

The point of this exercise is that there are other factors other than charts influencing investment strategies. Investment strategies in Berlin real estate by Gate Berlin are more refined and encompass various factors while fine tuning them to your objectives so get started at the right place and grow your wealth.


Investment Strategy on Berlin Property by Gate Berlin


Grunewald-3When you think of investments and returns, especially in real estate in Berlin, you also need to factor in the tax incidence. If you sell within 10 years of purchase you pay capital gains tax. If you rent it out and if rental value is between Euro 8.000 to 50.000 you will end up paying income tax as a private person ranging from 1 % to 26 % after allowing deductibles. If you decide founding a company GmbH in Germany for the purpose of buying an apartment block you would only pay around 16% flat tax on rental income. Is that acceptable? If yes, fine go ahead. If you think there has to be a way that most of your earnings from investments do not end up in the tax man’s net then you follow an investment strategy on Berlin property by Gate Berlin. These realtors are professionals with years of experience in offering sound investment advice in real estate to foreign investors besides helping out with other related tasks such as finding renters, managing the estate, tax matters, arranging finance and so on.

You could make the tax pill a little less bitter one to swallow by going in for financing instead of shelling out the entire amount yourself. You put up only 40% and the rest is finances from lenders. You rent out property, claim deductibles on interest, pay tax and monthly mortgage and still have something left over, definitely attractive when you consider you have laid out only 40%. Another smart solution, one that most foreign investors find lucrative, is to give the property a makeover and furnish it fully, letting it out as holiday rental or short term rental by the day or by the week that nets them far higher than regular rentals. Rentals for 100 sq. meter apartments in Mitte can be Euro 3000 a month—more than enough to keep you covered. Get best advice and investment strategy from Gate Berlin and never regret your decision.


Taxes Derate Perceived Incomes from Property Rentals: Get Berlin Realtor to Advise and Know Exact Returns


https://i0.wp.com/gateberlin.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Mitte-8.jpgBerlin is the hottest destination for investors not because it is the capital of Germany but because of the property boom and relatively attractive prices, making investment in property a sound tactic. It is possible, given that property prices appreciate by 45% a year and rentals by 30% that you buy a reasonable piece of property and get the hoped for capital returns. However, from another perspective, you could be between the devil and the deep blue Spree. Consider:

If you buy property as an investor and if you sell it off without occupying it, within a period of 10 years, you pay capital gains tax at the standard income tax rate in addition to solidarity surcharge.

If you rent out property, you are liable to pay income tax on rentals. As a foreigner, you only pay income tax on rentals accrued in Germany. For private property income between Euro 8000 to 50.000 the tax rate is 1 to 26%; for amounts between 50.000 to 250731 it is 26% to 42% and for rentals over Euro 250.731 you pay tax at 45% in addition to solidarity surcharge of 5% on the applicable tax rate. If you would found a GmbH company for the purpose of buying the property like an entire apartment block, tax rate for rental income in a specific property GmbH are reduced to 16% flat rate, because you would save the local trade income tax.

Smart investors rely on investment strategy “Buy Property Berlin by Gate Berlin” to find the best solution where they retain maximum earnings or profits. You could, for example, invest only 40% and get external funding for the property; rent it out and pay tax and still come out ahead. This is one of the different investment strategies Gate Berlin experts will devise. It is worth giving them a try.


Real Estate in Berlin is Booming—Get in On the Ground Floor with Real Estate Agency to Help Devise Strategies


Schöneberg-22When you talk of Berlin Real Estate, prices are heading up and up and are not going to plateau or even bottom out any time soon. The reason is simple enough. There is a shortage of apartments and there is an influx of people into this city creating high demand and low availability. Naturally investors are making a beeline to Berlin rather than to Munich or London.

If you are an investor and think Berlin real investment is an attractive proposition, it is. Property prices have appreciated by 45% and rents by 30% in 2013. All you need to do is visit Berlin, find a likely piece of property, latch on to it and then wait for some time before unloading it and making handsome profits. Wait. There must be a catch somewhere. There is. For starters, you must know about the location where property prices appreciate the most and investment is likely to get you the expected returns. Secondly, you must know that if you buy property you are liable to pay 1,2% legal fees, 6% land tax, 0.5% registration fees and if you resell the property within 10 years you have to pay capital appreciation tax. If you rent it out, there are laws you must comply with and conform to tax laws. Investment in real estate is attractive but there are these minor glitches.

The solution? You do not consider real estate investment in Berlin as simple buy and sell. You get maximum returns only if you proceed on a well devised investment strategy keeping local conditions and future development in mind. The best way is to consult a local realtor for investment strategies. Berlin Real Estate by Gate Berlin is your gateway to investment strategies resulting in a win-win situation, least hassles and maximum returns.


Think of Investment Strategy Even Before You Think of Buying and Selling Apartments in Berlin


https://i2.wp.com/gateberlin.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Prenzlberg-0002.jpgIf you are thinking of buying and then selling apartments in Berlin without a sound strategy to back up your investment decision, you will come up against a Wall. The Berlin Wall here works in a different way: there are taxes to consider; knowledge of specific posh areas and specific properties in such locations such as pre-war properties you must know; local rules about rentals and disposal of properties within 10 years of purchase and attendant capital gains tax. The wall is not insurmountable when you opt for sound investment strategies on Berlin apartments for sale by Gate Berlin.

Investment strategy can be based on location and charting the high and low prices for the previous year as a trend indicator for the future. Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Mitte are undoubtedly the tops when it comes to apartment prices. Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Spandau and Lichtenberg apartments cost half as much. However, apartments in prime locations have high appreciation value despite higher initial investments. This is but one of the different aspects of sound investment strategy.

Your Berlin realtor will discuss Berlin apartment investment strategies that will consider the maximum capital gains target, suitable property at the best price, negotiate with seller, consider options on rentals and manage leases and tenants and other matters, even extending to helping out with leveraging your funds to help you buy more properties with the amount you have. You pay only 40% upfront and people at Gate Berlin arrange funding for the rest. The next step is rental of the property so you pay part of the mortgage through rental. Your growth, with their assistance, does not follow a straight line path; it is exponential.


High Returns on Berlin Property for Sale with Right Equity Advice and Planning


Grunewald-2Prices of property in Berlin are going up and investors from Spain, Russia, France, Italy and Britain are jumping on this lucrative realty market. In order to make a substantial profit, you need not invest 100% of the price of the property in Berlin. The smart way, as investors do, is to go for equity financing. Property investments are solid and offer maximum returns, as high as 80%, with less risk as you will find in stocks or mutual funds. The trick is to operate on margins and this is where you get smart equity finance planning, advice and action with the help of a real estate agency in Berlin.

Leveraging equity through capital simply means you opt for a loan. You put up only 30 to 40% of the total cost of the property in Berlin. For every 100 dollars you have, you invest only 30 to 40 in one property, giving you the chance to invest in more properties at the same time and thus treble your rental income, if you rent it out. You may then put up one Berlin property for sale by Gateberlin.com, your friendly realtor, and still gain a handsome return that you can re-invest. Just work in consultation with the realtor.

In both cases, where you start off with a buy and then go on to sale, your realtor can prove to be invaluable, keeping your interests exclusively covered in each type of transaction. You enjoy the benefit of his expertise in property markets in Berlin, his advice on equity leveraging and the assistance you receive post buy or sell as regards documentation. Multiply returns through equity leveraging with the advice of a real estate agency in Berlin to enjoy quantum returns.


Property in Berlin is The Current Hot Investment Favorite


Schöneberg-2You do not have to be smart to make money in real estate. Just go where investors are going and follow their lead. Russian, British, French, Spanish and Italian investors are all heading for Berlin. Why? It does not make sense if you consider that prices of property in Berlin have risen to an all time high. However, it does make a lot of smart sense when you consider that demand is three times the supply and that prices here are almost 50% of those prevailing in Munich. The penny drops now.

So you are making tracks for Berlin and the next thing to consider is about buying and selling property in Berlin, one within your budget, one that will fetch maximum returns. Don’t even bother reading newspaper ads or spreading the word around. Get in touch with a Berlin real estate agency known to be transparent, honest and committed to taking care of a client’s interests. You may not know about Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf or Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain or Lichtenberg districts of Berlin or about property prices here but your realtor does. A knowledgeable and professional realtor will give you the right advice based on experience and expert data on locations. You receive the best assistance from start to finish in a buy or sale transaction from your friendly realtor.

Trust me, it is like having a friend take care of making money for you. You will never lose. You buy and the realtor is there for you. You sell and again he does it all for you. The best thing is you do not even have to visit Berlin to buy or sell property in Berlin; do it from home, with trust and full confidence in the Berlin realtor of your choice.